Flowers and Fruits


It’s been one month since I made my first post. I looked at the picture in my first post and I couldn’t believe how different my garden looks now.

There are some clear all-stars of the garden right now, and they are the tomatoes. I have 4 San Marzano tomatoes and 2 cherry tomatoes, and they are killin’ it. They’re growing like crazy, flowering like crazy, and fruiting like crazy! Right now all my tomatoes are green… but Mr. Miyagi taught me well; I’m being patient.

In my previous gardening experience I put my tomatoes in cages. (You know, those cheap wire towers.) They stink. Tomato plants outgrow them in no time, and as soon as a little wind comes they get blown over. So this year I used plastic-coated steel garden stakes, and I have been very happy so far. I’ve planted my tomatoes in a row, so I surrounded the tomatoes with two rows of garden stakes. Then I threaded some garden twine between the diagonal garden stakes.


As the tomatoes grow I add more twine. I think the tomatoes like being free and not being caged. (Just like my future chickens, btw.)

I’ve also got baby fruit on my zucchini and chile peppers! I think in a week or so I’m going to be harvesting truck loads of veggies. And, oh boy, am I ready.



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