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Sweet and Spicy Pizza

2016-07-08 19.01.12

I love a good pizza. Crispy, thin crust. Fresh toppings. Yum.

Not to brag, but I make a pretty mean pizza dough. And now that my garden is in full force, I’ve got some fresh toppings. And if that’s not enough, my husband and I just bought a small, propane-powered pizza oven.

So, yeah, we’ve been making a lot of pizza recently.

This one was simple and awesome. The only toppings are hot pickled peppers, cherry tomatoes, garlic, mozzarella, basil and olive oil. My cherry tomatoes are doing great right now, so they came straight from the garden. I’m still waiting for my basil to come in unfortunately, so I had to cheat for that ingredient, but some day I’ll remake this with all garden-fresh herbs and veggies.

I should say, the toppings are the fun and easy part. Making a perfect dough and cooking it just right – that’s the tough part. I’m going to write that up in a separate post later this week, for anyone who is interested.

But in the meantime I wanted to share this delicious topping. Have a great week everyone!

Topping Ingredients 
Cherry Tomatoes
Hot Pickled Red Peppers
Olive Oil
Fresh Basil

2016-07-08 18.42.32

Directions for making the toppings and assembling the pizza
Dice some garlic and chop up the pickled peppers and cherry tomatoes. Sauté the three ingredients in olive oil over medium heat until the mixture becomes jammy.
Spread the mixture on your pizza dough. Add the mozzarella.
After cooking your pizza, top with shredded basil.

Update: You can find my pizza dough recipe here.


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