Flowers and Fruits · Seeds and Seedlings


Back in May I started a bunch of seeds, one of them being chamomile. My chamomile seedlings were so fragile. They were constantly falling over. And even now, two months later, I have to prop them up with pebbles when there is a strong wind.

As seedlings they were drying up and shriveling so quickly. (I actually lost two of them in the beginning stages.) I used to water them one to two times a day. But they are slowly becoming more robust. Now I water them every other day (even in our 90-100 degree heat).

Recently they started to flower. The flowers are so tiny! Tiny and beautiful. In the last two weeks the flowers have already gotten larger though, so I’m hoping as my plant grows so will the flower size. Nevertheless, I’m harvesting my miniature flowers, drying them, and saving them for future tea.

To harvest the flowers I just pinch them off with my fingernails. I give the flowers a quick dunk in water to clean them off. Then I put them on a paper towel in a safe corner of the house and cover them (again) with a paper towel. In a day or two they are completely dry and ready to be stored.

Right now I don’t have much, but I’m making progress! I’ll update you when I make my first cup of homemade tea. Yum.

2016-06-01 19.36.56
three chamomile seedlings in a row
2016-06-01 19.39.52
a single chamomile surrounded by a cornucopia of seedlings
2016-06-28 18.52.11
so tiny!
2016-07-24 13.14.40
excuse my fingers, but aren’t they beautiful up close!?
2016-07-22 19.33.09.jpg
dried chamomile
2016-07-22 19.31.37
yeah, that’s all I got so far… gotta start somewhere




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