My Summer Garden

When I was younger I had a 16-piece puzzle. It was a big triangle made up of little triangles. The pieces were the exact same size and they all pretty much looked identical. The puzzle looked deceivingly simple, but it was actually quite complicated. It took me forever to solve. And I loved every minute of it.

I don’t have that exact puzzle anymore, but now I have a new puzzle. And that is planning out my garden. It took me awhile to plan out my summer garden. I wish I could plan things out to better adhere to crop rotation guidelines, but it’s hard to do with a small garden. I have two garden beds, each 4′ x 8′. Below is the layout I have planned for my summer garden.

summer 2017 garden

If you caught my other posts, you know that I have over 100 different seeds going. Clearly I don’t have space in my garden beds for all those plants. I intend to put all my sweet peppers, chile peppers, herbs and flowers in pots elsewhere. And if you are wondering… that big red block labeled artichoke… yes, that is for one, single artichoke plant. Read more about the big guy here.

I want to transplant my seedlings next week. However we’ve been getting a lot of rain recently and I’m not sure I want to subject my seedlings to torrential downpours, so I might have to wait. In the meantime, I’m putting my seedlings outside to harden them off every chance I can get. So that’s where I am at. Until next time… take care all.


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