Flowers and Fruits

Artichoke & Wildflower Bouquet


This week Porter and I had our last appointment with our midwives and I wanted to get them some flowers as a small thank-you gift. I follow Eliza Waters’ blog and she frequently posts pictures of beautiful flower arrangements she has made. I felt inspired and decided to make my own arrangement to give to the midwives. I’ve let my artichoke plant bloom and the flowers are beautiful so I decided to make them the star of the bouquet. I used two artichoke flowers and then I bought an assortment of wildflowers from a local store as filler. I had a clear vase that I put the flowers in. I wanted to hide the large artichoke stems and give the whole arrangement a rustic feel so I wrapped the vase in some burlap I had lying around the house and tied it off with some twine. I am not an expert in floral arrangements by any means, but I was pleased with the results. And I love that I’ve now used my artichoke plant for edible and aesthetic purposes.



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