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Whatcha-Makin Wednesday: Chicken and Waffles


Last week’s Whatcha-Makin Wednesday was Fried Chicken. When I make a whole chicken – fried or not – my husband and I go straight for the dark meat. So if we are lucky enough to have leftovers we tend to have the white meat on hand the next day. Sometimes we just eat the leftover chicken as-is, but sometimes we have a little fun and use the chicken to concoct a whole new tasty dish. We might make Buffalo Chicken Pizza… or we might make Chicken and Waffles.


To make Chicken and Waffles, first you make some awesome waffles. (I’d recommend this recipe.) You put your fried chicken on top. Then you top it all with syrup, hot sauce, and some pink peppercorn (if you have it). And last but not least… dig in and enjoy!


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