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Whatcha-Makin Wednesday: Ricotta Cookies


This week’s Whatcha-Makin Wednesday features Lidia Bastianich’s recipe forĀ Ricotta Cookies. I love desserts that can double as a breakfast treat, which is maybe why I love these cookies so much – a ricotta cookie plus a cup of coffee puts me right where I need to be for the day.

You can’t taste the ricotta in the cookies; the ricotta simply adds a lightness and fluffiness to the cookies. The cookies have a bit of lemon zest in them, so if you eat the cookies on their own you get just a hint of lemon. But then after the cookies cool you top them with a glaze made from confectioners’ sugar and lemon juice, which really brings home the lemon flavor. And I love all things lemon so these cookies are just perfect for me!

Oh, and let’s not forget the ricotta. You could go to the store and buy ricotta…. or you could make your own! Stay tuned as I’ll be posting my homemade ricotta recipe later this week!

Update: You can find my ricotta recipeĀ here.


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