Pruning My Artichoke Plant

As of a few weeks ago it became clear my artichoke plant was done for the season. The flowers were all spent and the leaves were withering away. Then last week I had noticed new growth from the base of the artichoke plant. These new artichoke leaves would provide food for next year’s main stem and future buds. It was time to prune away the old growth. I cut the main stem just a few inches above the ground to remove the old growth. The main stem was too thick for me to use my pruning shears so I cut it off with a gardening saw. It was easy to saw through and after just a minute or two of care my artichoke is ready for next year!

before cutting away the old growth

My artichoke plant’s new growth. Towards the back you can see the base of the main stem from the old growth that was removed.


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