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Cast-Iron Sweet Corn

My husband and I lived in Indiana for about two years. If you asked me about Indiana I’d have one word for you: corn. Corn everywhere you looked. I think there was more corn than there was people.

Nothing wrong with that right? Well, here’s the thing… that corn wasn’t for eating on the cob, or even for cattle fed. It was for high fructose corn syrup. In fact our town had a huge factory for processing it. Our town also had a lot of train tracks running through it. And almost all the trains I saw contained dozens and dozens of cars filled with high fructose corn syrup. Ugh. It was truly disgusting. And also depressing. Here is this substance (I refuse to call it food) that no one should be eating and in the two years I lived there I saw tons of it manufactured and shipped out.

Naturally I grew to despise the corn too. So when my husband asked me to plant sweet corn in my summer garden he most definitely got an are-you-serious look. But I know his love for corn on the cob so I obliged.

I had my first corn harvest this year and I’d say it was half successful. The good news is that I got corn.

first corn harvest

The bad news is that some ears were not fully pollinated.

partially-pollinated sweet corn

I think it goes without saying that I could not allow myself to serve corn on the cob with these sad-looking ears. But that doesn’t mean they went to waste. Just because they don’t look good doesn’t mean they don’t taste good!

So I cut the kernels off of the cob and cooked the corn in a cast-iron with a healthy amount of butter and  salt. It was simple yet delicious. I’ll chalk this one up as a win.

So until next time, happy gardening and happy cooking!

cast-iron sweet corn
cast-iron sweet corn

3 thoughts on “Cast-Iron Sweet Corn

  1. My spouse is a corn-on-the-cob lover too, and those ears of corn are cute! I’ve tried to grow corn in my garden and inevitably some sneaky little creature eats the kernels before they can germinate. We have tons of farmer’s markets around us so I get my corn the lazy way now. I love cooking with cast iron and was happy to see another cast iron cook while browsing this morning! Great recipe!

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  2. HFCS is the reason we have an obesity problem in the US and such a health crisis. It should be outlawed. 😦
    A tip for homegrown corn: In small plots, you can’t rely on wind pollination, but you can boost pollination by cutting a flowering tassel and dusting the silk of other plants up and down the rows.

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