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Whatcha-Makin Wednesday: Tropical Fruit and Dulce de Leche Crepes

IMG_3649The running joke of my house is that we are not allowed to make any of Bobby Flay’s recipes because they make too many dishes. (If you turn to the Food Network occasionally, next time you watch Bobby Flay cook, look for it. He seriously uses a million dishes when he cooks.)

Well it turns out that I broke the rule. I made a Bobby-Flay dish. It made a ton of dishes as expected but my husband cleaned so it’s all good. 😂

I couldn’t resist while watching a recent show of Brunch at Bobby’s where he made crepes. A former coworker of mine is from France (in fact she is former because she went back to France) and she taught me how to make crepes before she left. Before our crepe-cooking lesson I had always thought of crepes as a difficult thing to make. I figured it was impossible to flip the crepe and not have it stick to the pan or break. She insisted it wasn’t a problem and that they were quick and easy to make. And guess what?! She was right. So now I’m always on the look out for awesome crepe-filling ideas.

So when Bobby made crepes filled with mango, papaya, and dulce de leche I knew it was a must-make dish. I was also intrigued because I had never made dulce de leche before and Bobby Flay’s technique looked so simple I just had to try it. To make the dulce de leche he simply cooked a can of condensed milk in a baking dish, which sat in a bath of water, in the oven. It looked too simple but it really did work. After one hour of hands-off cooking I had excellent dulce de leche on my hands.

The tropical fruit is sautĂ©ed in vanilla butter and goes great with the dulce de leche. With the filling being pretty sweet, I found the whipped-cream topping not just delicious, but essential. The whipped cream has no sugar in it and is made from heavy cream, sour cream, and a bit of vanilla extract. The sourness of the whipped cream helps to tame the sweetness in the filling. And then top the dish with a few sprinkles of cinnamon – yum!

You can find the recipe for this dish here. I followed the directions for the dulce de leche, fruit filling, and whipped cream. However I used this crepes recipe. It was a great breakfast treat! And I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered it reheated well. To reheat the fruit filling I simply microwaved it. To reheat the dulce de leche I tried two techniques: first I reheated it over a double boiler, then I tried reheating it in the microwave. Both techniques were successful and given the microwave technique was easier and required less of a clean up, I’d go with that method in the future.

Bon Appétit! And until next time, happy cooking!


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