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Calling all Ladybugs

ladybug larvae
ladybug larvae

I went out to the garden today and found several scary-looking, black-and-orange bugs. My first thought was: this cannot be good; now what horrible pest do I have in my garden?! I frantically started Googling for answers. I was shocked to find that what was in my garden, was not a horrible pest, but ladybug larvae. I had no idea that a ladybug didn’t look like a ladybug it’s entire life. I mean, the bugs in my garden look like a pet that a Disney villain would have, not the immature form of a cute ladybug. But boy am I glad that these little guys are ladybugs. Mainly because I have a serious aphid problem. And ladybugs love aphids. And so, I love ladybugs. Let’s hope they stick around and help me out!


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