Makin’ Compost!

I’ve been wanting to compost for a long time. At first I just kept putting it off for seemingly no reason at all. Then once I finally decided it was happening I needed to research what kind of bin I wanted. I decided that I wanted a dual closed-bin system. So I started shopping around… but man were they pricey. I figured it would be a good item to buy used so I started looking on Craigslist. I ended up using the app IFTTT to constantly search Craigslist for new posts containing the word “composter”. When a new item was posted on Craigslist containing the word “composter” in my area I’d get an alert on my phone from the app and then I could go check it out.

After a few weeks the perfect composter finally popped up! I got a Lifetime Dual Bin Composter Tumbler, with each bin having a maximum capacity of roughly 40 gallons. I got it for $100, which I considered to be quite the deal. I love that there are two bins so that I can build up my raw materials in one bin and process compost in the other. I essentially wanted the largest closed-bin system I could find, and I was very happy with the size and capacity of this particular composter.

There is a small, paved area along my fence where I keep my city recycling/compost/garbage bins. It turns out I can easily squeeze in my compost tumbler – it’s like the whole thing is meant to be!

dual-bin compost tumbler

I am new to composting but once I get my rhythm down I’ll post about what I add to my bins etc. For now I am religiously following all recommendations from Joe Lamp’l. I follow his podcast and have thoroughly read his composting resource guide. It’s only been a week and the raw materials I’ve added to my first bin are already steaming! So, needless to say, I am very excited and optimistic about what’s to come.



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