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Bells of Ireland

I’ve been trying to grow Bells of Ireland (Moluccella laevis) from seed for three years now. I originally bought the seeds on a whim because I just liked the plant. But after having zero success attempt after attempt it became a mission of mine to successfully grow Bells of Ireland. And finally I stumbled upon a description of Bells of Ireland in The Sunset Western Garden Book that said the plant was a winter annual in the desert. All along, I had been trying to grow Bells of Ireland as a summer annual (while my climate is clearly desert-like). So in September I threw a bunch of seeds in a pot of soil and let it be, figuring I had nothing left to lose. I couldn’t believe it when, one week later, the seeds germinated! And here they are – a pot full of Bells of Ireland! The sepals have developed and I’m just starting to see a hint of the white flowers that are about to come.



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