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Preserved Lemon, Caper, and Anchovy Pasta

I got a lot of lemons this year. Some from my own garden and some from a friend’s garden. With a bounty of lemons, I made – for the first time ever – preserved lemons. It is now two months later and they are ready to be eaten. First up: preserved lemon, caper, and anchovy pasta (from Sarah Owens’ Heirloom). It was a flavor bomb and perfectly highlighted the preserved lemons. It was bright and acidic and the pasta perfectly balanced all of the salty goodies. The anchovy was really subtle; even my three-year-old gobbled the dish. This quick, easy, and flavorful recipe will definitely be a new go-to pasta dish for me.

Preserved lemons, anchovies, capers, and garlic ready to be sautéed.
Preserved lemons made in January.