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Parsley Powder

I’ve got a lot of parsley in my garden and I’ve recently needed to clear out a good portion of it to make space for my summer crops. There’s only so much frozen parsley one needs, especially when I still have so much fresh parsley in the garden. I also have a small space (and a lot of parsley) so I needed to preserve my parsley in a way that wouldn’t take up my whole freezer or pantry. I experimented with making parsley powder and I’m happy to say it was a huge success.

I started with dehydrating the leaves. I trimmed them from the stems but didn’t bother chopping them. (I saved the stems for making stock, but more on that another day.) I dehydrated until the leaves were crispy. Depending on the plant, that took at least several hours and up to two days. Once thoroughly dried, I pulsed the dehydrated parsley in a blender and that’s it!



I’ve been storing the parsley powder in a mason jar in my pantry. I’ve done the same procedure in the past with spinach and it’s lasted for over a year, so I expect the same shelf life with the parsley.

I’ve already used the parsley powder in my pasta and I was really happy with the results! I’ll be sure to share more on that soon. 🙂


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