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Last spring I sowed Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) seeds in one soil block. I thinned down what germinated so only one seedling remained. It hung in there during the hot and dry summer months, and then when winter came it took off. By the end of the year it had grown from one small seedling to a patch that covered a five-gallon pot.

My Yarrow plant in February 2020.

I’ve got big plans to replace all of the grass in my front yard with landscaping — more on that some other time — and I want Yarrow to be the living mulch for some of that area. So in the spring I took five Yarrow divisions and transplanted them to different areas of my front yard. I wasn’t sure which ones would establish well so I cleared as small of a space as I thought necessary.

One Yarrow division transplanted to my front yard.

I’m happy to report that all five divisions are doing awesome. They’ve begun to flower and I’ve started to clear out more grass to give them space to spread. I already love Yarrow for its foliage and seeing the tiny, daisy-like flowers among the fern-like foliage makes me so happy.


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