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In April of this year I sowed a pinch of lemongrass seeds in a 4″ starter pot. Nine seedlings emerged and in May I transplanted them all to a 10-gallon pot. Here they are on June 1st.

Nine lemongrass seedlings, about 2 months old.

As the summer heat came on (with absolutely no rain whatsoever) some of the seedlings puckered out while others thrived. Now, with September just days away, I have three strong lemongrass plants.

One (of three) lemongrass plants

Next up: prepare them for the winter months. Lemongrass does not tolerate the cold. Freezing temperatures are rare for my area, but there are some nights in the winter where the temperature gets close to freezing (and even sometimes dips below it), so I am concerned that I’m pushing my luck with keeping the lemongrass outdoors during the winter.

Plan A: One of the plants I transplanted to the ground (in the spot that I have always intended to have it be). I’m thinking I’m just going to let it go and see what happens, but maybe I’ll cover it on the coldest of winter nights.

Plan B: One of the plants is in a pot. That pot will stay outdoors but I will cover it on the coldest of winter nights.

Plan C: One of the plants is in a pot and will get moved to the garage during the winter months.

Potted lemongrass that will be moved into the garage for the winter months and/or covered at night.

Yeah, I would love if all three survived the winter. (Especially the one in the ground.) But given my tendency to kill plants (… whoops…) I’m crossing my fingers that at least one will make it. 😉


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