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2016-07-02 12.44.30

A coworker and fellow gardener gave me some seedlings back in the spring. One seedling was delphinium and it has really thrived in my backyard. During late spring it had a huge growth spurt and then purple flowers started popping up all over. It was beautiful. And even now, with the blazing summer heat, I still have a few flowers gracing my garden.

This weekend I went to cut away the spent flowers. I must admit, it was something I meant to do much sooner. But my procrastination paid off. I went to trim my plant and noticed that where the flowers were, there were now little pods. I cut the pods off and I could hear the seeds inside rattling. I was ecstatic; I unintentionally collected my first seeds!

I rounded up all my seeds, put them in a labeled bag, and stored them away in a safe place. I’m super excited for when it’s time for me to try to plant the seeds. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my germination rate when the time comes!

2016-07-02 12.44.47



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