Flowers and Fruits

Summer Flowers

It’s officially summer. And it feels like it with highs in the 100s last week, this week, next week, and for who-knows-how-long after. Last year around this time, things took a turn for the worst in my garden. This year, I’m ready. I’ve moved my herbs to the shade and I’m watering my garden more frequently. So far it seems like things are going well. My plants look healthy and all of them are flowering. Below are some of the flowers in my vegetable garden. I wasn’t able to capture pictures of everything but I got a pretty good mix. Enjoy, stay cool, and until next time, happy gardening!


Chinese Green Noodle Beans 

long bean flower

long bean flower

long bean flower
San Marzano Tomatoes

tomato flowers
Sweet Peppers and Peperoncini

pepper flowers
Purple of Romagna Artichokes

artichoke about to flower

artichoke flower

artichoke flower
(Stawell’s Evergreen) Sweet Corn

corn tassels

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